New found love

She turned back, just to have a last glance at him, for she knew she won’t be having any for a long time. With tears in her eyes, she turned away, only to look at her newfound love as she called it. “Don’t turn back ever,” somebody had told her. She didn’t mean to follow, but for whom would she turn? There was nothing left for her. If she wanted to stay happy, she had to leave and move on.

“Please just leave me,” he had told her. His words echoed in her ears every time she would think of him. She swept them away the very next moment. She wasn’t going to think negatively now. She was going to make a new beginning.

Making a new start was not going to be that easy for her. Developing intimate connections with people was not her thing. Love was not her thing. Nobody ever had the strength to grow flowers in her garden or even incite a steady thump in her disentranced heart. But he? He was different. He could destroy her now with a single moment of eye contact or the accidental brush of a hand before she would even realize. Nobody could make her feel the way he did. Nobody could replace him ever, or so she thought.

For long, she kept walking, until finally, she reached her destination. She stood there for long, transfixed. This was not what she wanted, but she had no choice. All she had asked was for some love. She had wanted to know why he left. She had waited for long, turned over all the possibilities that she could think of, yet none of them made any sense. She wanted to scream and ask him why would he make her, both, love and hate him so much at the same time?

Remembering all those five years was the least she wanted to do at this moment. All those ‘I can’t live without you’, ‘I love you’, ‘I will be with you forever’, was long gone. Those tight hugs, gentle strokes, holding hands meant nothing. Perhaps this was the reason why he left. Maybe he never loved her. Because if he loved her why did he leave her?

With this thought, she finally took a step ahead and jumped off the cliff. She didn’t know how it would end, she didn’t know what destiny had in store for her. She had stopped believing in destiny long back. All she knew was today was the first and last time she was going to listen to her heart ever. After that, there won’t be one.

She was not concerned about the consequences that would come with it. But was it meant to end this way?

She did what she thought was right, but God had made her for a different reason. She couldn’t be free of her soul so fast.

Waves crashed over her, drowning her. She made no effort, she kicked no legs. She didn’t want to live and she had decided that. She was firm, or rather stubborn. Her grandmother always told her that. But now nothing mattered. Those words, those memories, all evaporated with that jump. She closed her eyes, only to be taken away by the waves.

In the twenty-ninth second of being closer to death, a hand reached out for her and pulled her out of the water, and saved her life. Therein she knew why she was made. Destiny had proven itself.

“I am going to put myself to love again, for a bit longer than usual. Call the time eternity.” She told him. He was her newfound love ♥