It’s all about loving someone <3

Fall in love with someone who chooses you as confidently as you choose them. Don’t settle for less, you deserve to keep the love you keep trying to give everybody else. Find someone who makes you laugh, and laughs with you. Because life is too short to spend your time being sad. Recognise who can detect the slightest change in the tone of your voice. Love is all about understanding each others’ silent notes.

Fall in love with someone who appreciates your constant nervousness, impatience and jealous moods. Because people like that are hard to find. You’d rather choose someone in front of whom you can be yourself, you can act like a child and at the same time you can be mature when situations are tough.  Let him listen to your never-ending talks. If he can listen and not get irritated, you know he is the one. Give your heart to somebody who knows how to make it up to you after hurting you. Sorry isn’t always enough. Open your heart to someone who lifts you, fights for you when the reality of life gets difficult and discouraging. It feels good to have somebody out there, who constantly cares for you. We all are strong, yet we do need someone who would remind us what love feels like, everyday.

Fall in love with someone who challenges you and inspires you to think and feel. You’d never fear anything after. Dedicate yourself to the person who stands in awe of how you bloom and flourish, someone who loves you not only for who you are, but for who you have the potential to be. Someone who makes you do something you’ve never done before, someone who sees the wars within you, and feels your insecurities. You’d never have to imagine what loneliness feels like.

Fall in love with someone who ignites a wildness within you, someone who grows your mind just as much as they grow your heart. There’s always room for improvement and being better. Struggle to find someone who supports your dim, who embraces your light, someone who always wants to be your best when you are not at your best, someone who reminds you of every strong thing you are whenever you feel feeble, someone who does not make you feel you are hard to love. Life is not solid rock. In this life everything can be handled easily. You have one heart, give it to someone who does not call you weak for crying, for feeling so softly and deeply. Someone who adores the innocent you, and wipes off your tears. Let him make you cry, but see him making the efforts to make you smile.

Fall in love with someone who never lets you fall asleep thinking you are unwanted, someone who makes you feel like a home you can always return to. If he makes you feel like you can do anything in the world, whether it is right or wrong, and he’d be there to handle it, he is your knight in shining armour.

Fall in love with someone whose gentle touch gives you chill, who makes you want to dance throughout the night. Find someone who is like a poison you would drink, so toxic and enchanting at the same time, whose hands on your body feel like melted chocolate. Crave a love so deep, the ocean would be jealous, said someone.


Million small things make the love strong. It does not require him to give you flowers and gifts everyday, a compliment or a two would do the work. Let him love you. Let him express it in hidden ways. He might not always tell you, that doesn’t mean he does not love you.

People will talk and try to bring down your love, they will convince you once in every while and it might seem like he is not the one. Give him a chance. He is not used to the kind of love you give him. He hasn’t seen anyone crying for him, he hasn’t seen anyone missing him so much. He isn’t used to being taken care of like a child. You have seen his isolated side. If he could love you when he was at his worst, he would love you even more when he is at his best. Wait for it. Good things take time.

Fall in love with someone who kisses you, kisses you slowly, kisses you like there’s no place he’d rather be. Kisses you like he is not waiting for anything else, and not just like his hands under your skirt or tangled up in your bra straps. Someone who caresses your hair, and feels the unevenness of them. Let him feel your smooth skin, your imperfect body and your curves. Love is about loving the imperfections and accepting the flaws of one another.

Fall in the kind of love that takes a lifetime to get over.

And then you will finally understand why you had to wait for so long ❤ ❤ ❤


  1. Hi
    I am keen reader on this blog and I like ur writing but this article seems very attached to you like you wrote what your heart felt.

    Waiting to hear more from you!

  2. Wonderfully written!
    Such a simple yet beautiful way to write about one of the most complex human emotions
    Would love to read more from you
    Lots of love ❤️

  3. I’m reading it in may 2021, like come on, but anyways, the way you described it is just beautiful and simple, I don’t know why then people find it hard to understand. I just can’t wait but I do want to wait so that I can be sure that this is what love is and this waiting will define the love I feel, soon. You tagged it imaginary but it’s real in evry sense, sach me.

  4. I’ve told several people this, and I hope it makes sense to you, if he doesn’t look at you like you’re the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, chances are you’re not.

    • See people are free to believe what they want, but personally I don’t need a man or for that matter another person to tell me whether i fit into their standards of beauty or not. I am beautiful and i know it, and that’s enough. And if it’s about love, he will love me the way i am 🙂 Another persons’ scale of beauty doesn’t define me. So maybe I am not beautiful for him, but there’s whole lot of other people who think I am. This is the biggest problem you know, we are always waiting for other persons’ validation about us, but we need to realise it doesn’t matter …

      • At 16 I hope you don’t need a man in your life. lol!! But I understand what you’re saying.

        Stay awesome, Palak!

      • I am 23 right now, when i started the blog I was 16. And at any time of my life I’ll need a partner to love me the way I am, not wait for him or anybody to see whether I fit their beauty scale or not 🙂 Beauty ka kya hai? aaj hai, kal nahi.. but what matters is love! And love shouldn’t be done because of looks!

      • I agree with ya. My comment wasn’t exactly about looks. It’s more about if you cannot see love in his eyes when he sees you.

      • hahaha not exactly :p but i just believe that one shouldn’t wait for another persons’ validation, and in this world we are actually constantly doing that! but relax this was a healthy conversation of different beliefs and opinions 🙂

      • I wasn’t saying we were to be validated. I was saying that if you didn’t see the love in his eyes, then pretty much he doesn’t love you.

        And by love, if he can’t see beauty in you, he doesn’t love you.

        Hopefully this makes sense.

      • oh ok my bad, I interpreted it wrong, 🙈 I thought u are trying to say if he doesn’t think i am beautiful them i am not! But yeah now i get your point! this explanation makes sense ✌️

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