The Future looked Positive but turned out Negative!

Many years ago, people expected that 2020 will be a year of growth and success. So we were all living comfortably as we awaited this future. Greta Thunberg’s School Strike for Climate captivated the world’s attention, we were making memes on how to fix things with instant noodles, etc., until the time a strange, unheard virus shattered everything we used to perceive as normal. The lethal virus, COVID-19, has become a household name now. #COVID has been the most often used expression in history.

We, humans, have a proclivity to manipulate life so that we can chart our own path towards achieving our goals. But life, contrarily, has other intentions and does not always go as planned. For example, who would have expected that a pandemic would occur, stranding us all inside our homes?

The yearlong lockdown compelled mankind to reconsider its decisions made over the last few decades. Things we took for granted were quickly ripped away from us, such as the way we used to head off to college, the way we used to dress up for celebrations, the quick drive we used to take to the nearest grocery store, or the way we waited in theatres to see movies. Our lifestyles have changed dramatically as a result of digitalization, from socializing with peers to “let’s do a zoom call.”

2020 had been a one-of-a-kind experience for everybody. It had forced people to change their working patterns from the workplace to the home, forcing them to devote more time to care for their loved ones. Others found it frustrating due to the large amount of free time, where they were curled up at home with little to do but watch Netflix, and scroll Instagram. Although some enjoyed this isolation, others were experiencing difficulties. In those times, daily wage workers and unorganized sectors were struggling to survive and earn a living.

The “New Normal”

The way we lived in 2020 is now a part of our everyday lives. However, boredom has led people to pursue their passions, which they once had little time for. Many people have shown their culinary abilities, while some have admitted their enjoyment of reading books, while even others have used this time to take new courses online.

Last year, the malls, restaurants, movie theatres, saloons, shops, schools, colleges, and religious places, were shut. The world had come to a standstill. But that made us realize that we can still lead our lives, we do not need to go out for vacation, or order food from outside, or necessarily sit in the office for long hours. This period has made us realize our existence, the importance of family relations, and spending quality time. 

Now slowly and steadily, things are opening up, and the countries are trying to get back to being “normal”, or whatever the hell it is. Since we are now operating from home, businesses have reduced office rooms, expenses, and travel budgets for themselves and their workers. Furthermore, for a large city like Mumbai, the traffic was atrocious. People now save a lot of time by not getting caught in traffic. This time is better spent on other things. It seems that this trend of WFH is here to stay at least for the foreseeable future.

What’s in Store Ahead?

People all over the world are profoundly shaken and affected. This pandemic has wreaked havoc on many facets of the world’s economy, finances, families, jobs, and physical and mental health. Nonetheless, we humans remain hopeful that the planet will return to pre-pandemic times. We want to feel secure in our lives and be in command of them. But this has drained us emotionally, and we are stuck in a never-ending cycle of “what if it never happens?” This has caused us to conjure up hypothetical possibilities about what will happen next, but no one knows for certain. We’re all in the same boat. 

Everyone is clueless right now. We cannot predict what disease will come next, where will be the next bush fires, or will life change for the better? Will we ever shake hands and hug our friends like before?

What will the ‘post-coronavirus civilization’ bring for us?

Over the early years, there was a pervasive belief that the world would eventually improve. However, in the name of progress, man has destroyed nature, resulting in the annihilation of mankind. For example, humans caused a lot of emissions by using cars, ships, and establishing new industries. Much of this has, in the long term, affected our lives. We’ve got Asthma, Diphtheria, and other illnesses. Nature, however, is recovering as a result of the pandemic. The Ganges Water, which was formerly polluted, is now comparatively clean. 

Before Covid-19, we lived as if we were the ultimate identity on this planet, taking advantage of the man-made facilities to the next level. We didn’t realize that there is a high risk of the emergence of life-threatening illnesses capable of eradicating our simple mortal being. Following the Covid-19 episode, we now must be careful that more lethal diseases could occur in the future. The fact that Covid-19 leaves no stone unturned to persuade us that further events are possible, humans do not seem to have been impressed. Are we waiting for a more lethal version to jolt us out of our stupor?

The year 2020 will live on in the minds of people for the rest of their lives. It will be remembered as the incident that threw our lives into disarray. It resulted in tumultuous changes. It was an excruciatingly difficult year for some, while for others it was a year with a complete lull in their calendar.

Despite the abundance of year-end declarations telling us to put 2020 behind and never look back, the comfortable T-shirts and Pyjamas, quarantine TikToks, and countless Zoom-themed memes all brought a little levity to what had become a rather challenging year. I recall that the year 2021 began with fresh dreams, resolutions, and prayers. People were hoping for life to return to normal.

But are we making some realistic decisions for 2021 based on last years’ experience? Or are we simply waiting for the vaccine to allow us to resume doing whatever we were doing before the virus paralyzed us?

Since the future is unknown, it is up to us to make decisions that will pave the way for new opportunities. Some paths may lead us to harmony and peace, similar to how the sun rises every day in the hope of igniting a new desire and hope. Our happenings from the past and the present can affect our future.

Personally, I believe that the covid vaccine will become readily available in the market soon, most people will wear masks even a year from now, and that lifts will have self-cleaning buttons. We may or may not have virtual yoga lessons or squats with a bag full of books, but we will certainly meet the demands of pandemic era exercise.

Although there’s one thing that we have discovered now- we learn the best when we are affected as individuals, when our freedom and our satisfaction are at stake.

To all the people out there, stay home, stay safe, save lives. Remember, you are not stuck at home, you are safe at home! Please use double masks, sanitize yourself, and get your vaccine as soon as possible! We will fight this together!


  1. You perfectly summarized the past and current year situation, we all can’t do much but just hope things will be better soon ❤❤❤

  2. Yes learning is important and its natural only and the natural one is far more effective than any other. Future will be uncertain just like yesterday or a year ago, a decade ago. About covid, no I don’t like talking about it soo but you have written a great deal there, 🙌

    • Yeah man everyone has heard the name covid so many times now people are bored, so yes I agree that you might not like to listen about it! But still thanks for reading it and thank you for the nice comments! 🧡

      • No no, it’s not about boring, it’s just, it’s just related to underlying thought mechanism which consume these words and shapes our thought process, my point is, it would be helpful if we just limit the use of word covid, jo bhi hum baat karte hai, vahi sab dimaag me chalta, so it would be helpful mentally if we give it a break, but it’s hard to convince people on this, bicoz sidha reply ayega, there are people dying and you want to stop talking about it, how could you… So, anyways, hope you get my point, your blog was great, its not boring at all, you did great, it’s not boring, 💁👋👋

      • Yeah I totally get your point, but yes at the same time you can’t ignore something that’s around you all the time, it’s hard to not talk about covid when I see my friends and relatives getting it too u know.. so even if I do not want to think about it I am forced to..because the next moment I want to go out I realise, Oh no its covid! But yeah I tried to make this post a little humorous and positive..I couldn’t help not putting the bad side as well.. u know most places people are still careless and they aren’t wearing masks and stuff… But really thanks a lot for your words.. I’ll try to come up with newer topics! 🙂

  3. This post speaks the mind of humans. Speeding up vaccination to improve herd immunity can help us in getting out of this sooner.

  4. A normal one will do. I’m grateful that we’re safe but it’s high time now! Someone please swish that magic wand and make things okay.

  5. That’s a pretty good briefing! Wow.. thought I had never forgotten the incidents, I quite needed this to remind myself that … Expectations could pull you down, like it did in 2020..

  6. Perfect picturization of Then, Now & Will be situations around!! Hope things get well soon all over the planet and mankind flourish much better than it was.

  7. It is going to be a tough road ahead. But I believe we will get out of this mess soon. People survived a pandemic (Spanish Flue) along with a World War in the early 20th century. So yeah, there is hope!!
    Btw, The Ganges Water, which was formerly polluted, is now “completely” clean?
    I wont be that sure if I were you!! xD 😊

    • Definitely we will get out of it, when is the question! I so miss going out and seeing the beautiful streets of Mumbai 😢 Another year at home would be dreadful 😣 Hopefully if everyone gets vaccinated soon, and provided we follow all the norms, we can fight this too! 💛 And hahaha yes… I agree…Its “comparatively” clean than before 😜 In 2020 there was a video going around which actually showed the water was completely clean, idk if u saw the video or not, it was unbelievable. But now it would have become dirty again, although it’s lot less! 😅

      • Maybe cleaner among some stretches, which is still an improvement though. And yes we will get out of this mess and you will definitely get to see your favourite Mumbai streets. 👍😄

  8. never been to Marine Drive, not even to Mumbai, but yeah I believe it will look beautiful when it rains. And yes lets hope for the best. xD 👍

  9. Yes, definitely. You should come to Kerala too, obviously after the pandemic.👍😄

  10. So nicely penned! 🙌
    This post sums up most of what’s happened since 2020 and what can we learn from it to become better “humans”. Maybe nature has its own ways to bring us back on the “sustainable” way of living.

    • Seriously, all this has shown us that we have taken mother nature for granted always! I hope we learn from this and try to bring about a good change in the society! 🙂 And thank you for taking out the time to read my post and for such sweet comments 💛

      • I completely agree with you. But somewhere I feel that once things return to the “old normal”, most of us will start exploiting nature for our immediate benefits. I seriously hope I am proven wrong about this. However, I also believe that having seen our inferiority in front of the nature, there will be a positive turnout of people who take informed steps to not burden their environment.

      • see there are two sides of a coin, so ya there is a possibility we might return to what we were doing before, but it could be that because of this Covid episode we have learned things and even if not all (obviously), some people would change their ways for sure. And nothing changes in a day you know, it will take time since people will be doing in on an individual level… but no surety that there would be positive change or worse ! Let us pray for a good change though 🙂

  11. Great post. A perfect summary of what’s been going on. I have honestly started questioning the whole post-covid era, because is it actually going to happen?😶

    • Thank you so much! 😊 and yes, there are a lot of questions, but things are uncertain as of now…let’s wait for what’s going to come next, and how soon are we going to get back to what we were before (hopefully) 😇

  12. Venturing into the unknown is more like my thing. The Corona Virus has taught us a lot, but do we (in particular) Indians ever learn?
    Cheers to better days ahead. I don’t want the old life back that’s all in the past, let it stay there.

    • The thing is we do learn, but only when thrashed or beaten 😂 Now that so much has taken place due to covid i think we have learned quite a few things, and i hope we dont go back to destroying the world like before by human sources atleast! And yes better days will soon come , like you said let’s not bring up the past but look ahead.. 😄 but i do miss talking or walking carefree i.e. without mask 😔

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